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As technology advances and rapidly improves, there has been talk of Ford coming out with driverless cars as early as 2021.  Of course they won’t be for sale to regular drivers just yet, and this may take a few years to be approved, but automatic cars for taxi and transportation providing services are just around the corner.  This is an amazing step up in car making history, making it easier for people that aren’t able to drive themselves, or don’t own their own vehicle.



Even though Google with its technology abilities is still the leading company for creating driverless cars, Ford is not too far behind.  They have partnered with a few companies for business purposes, which clearly shows they are serious about the new car advancements.   For example, a $75 million investment has been made by Ford into a company from California specializing in Lidar (a detection technology using light to measure distance between objects.  Another investment has been made by them into a special licensing agreement with Nirenberg Neuroscience.  This company uses a high technology machine known to treat blindness.  Plus, Ford has now gained access to SAIPS, a computer vision company based in Israel, and made an investment in Civil Maps which used simulated intelligence to help build digital maps.

These news are definitely putting pressure on state and federal agencies since they need to write out and implement new guidelines for such advancements.  Even though driverless cars are definitely a matter of convenience, complete safety of them is still questionable.  Back in May, a Tesla driver died in a crash while in auto drive mode.  The car failed to use its brakes when a tractor trailer made a turn right in front of it.  In February, an automatic Google car also drove into a bus.  Some critics argue that car makers are rushing to get these driverless cars on the roads, and that more development and study should be invested into this new technology.

Despite all the pros and cons of the new developments in car history, this announcement by Ford is definitely significant and is considered to be a huge mile stone and accomplishment, especially after stating that their first, driverless cars could be out for sale in less than five years.

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