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Yesterday, October 4th, 2016, Google gave an amazing announcement at its hardware event in San Francisco, featuring new and innovative products that will be available for pre-order this coming November. The core of these products and their uniqueness is Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

Sundar Pichai, the chief executive officer of Google, stated in the announcement: “when I look ahead at where computing is headed, its clear to me that we are heading, evolving from a mobile first to an AI first world.”

Artificial Intelligence is incorporated in the new tool Google is providing, called Google Assistant.  It is a system in which a user can receive immediate help with their personal phone system, including; automatically playing music, opening folders, photos, videos, tasks, answering questions, and more.

Pixel Phone

Pixel is Google’s first phone with the Google Assistant built right into it.  Pixel is the perfect combination of the best of hardware and software with AI at the center.  The phone is user friendly, with a thin and natural feel.  Because of Google’s knowledge graph, the Assistant is able to locate not only what a user is searching for, but all of the relevant information as well.  It is enabled to open specific texting and operating apps such as WhatsApp or Viber.  If a user prefers to listen to music on YouTube, the Assistant will open that specific app to play the requested tunes.  Other abilities of Google Assistant include: checking directions, sending a text, making a reservation, and much more, all with a simple voice command.  Another feature of Pixel is an amazing camera experience.  It was rated by DXOMark- an industry that rates camera phones.  Pixel received a rating of 89. To compare, the Apple I phone 7 was rated an 86, and the Google Nexus 6 received a 78.    It is able to capture more light than other phone cameras as well as choose the best shot after taking a series of photos in a given moment.  Pixel is built to work in any light with zero shatter lag, and also includes the video stabilization feature.  All of the photos and videos can be unlimitedly stored on the phone.  Another cool feature of Pixel is that it was created for virtual reality and is easy to communicate through even with other operating systems.  Google-Duo is a feature on the phone allowing users to see the person that’s calling before they answer.  Pixel can also provide up to 7 hours of battery power after 15 minutes of charging.  Automatic updates are processed at the back end, so that when it is restarted, the most updated version of the phone will be available to use.  The phone comes in two sizes, 5” and 5.5”, and all features work perfectly on both.  Pixel has a High Definition AMOLED Display, 32 or 128GB, and will be available in three colors: Quite Black, Very Blue, and Very Silver.



Virtual Reality

DayDream View is a phone VR (virtual reality) headset created by Google.  Unlike other gadgets and headsets, DayDrem view is made from soft fabric that feels great to wear, and can even fit over glasses.    It will be available for $79 and come in three different colors: first in slate and later in crimson, and snow.  The headset requires a smartphone to be used with it, and connects wirelessly to the phone after it is placed inside.   DayDream View also comes with a remote controller with a menu and home button as well as volume buttons.


Google WiFi 

This new product of Google is definitely a huge step up in internet and wifi use in homes.  Instead of a single router providing wifi, Google wifi comes with a set of smaller routers that can be placed all around the home.  They work together to provide better coverage and connectivity.  Users are able to get the perfect shape, size and fit for their homes.  Google Wifi also comes with Network Assist, which is a feature that manages and optimizes the network at the back end.  It keeps the signal strong even if the user is moving around the house by connecting to the less congested channel.  Google Wifi can also be controlled through a phone app, where users can periodically turn the wifi on and off.  A small, single router will be available for $129, and a set of 3 will be available for $299.


ChromeCast Ultra

Another awesome product provided by Google is the ChromeCast Ultra.  It is an updated version of Google’s ChromeCast, through with 4k videos were not supported.  It will allow higher resolution playback, and be able to load content 1.8 times faster.  It conveniently and easily connects behind the TV through Ethernet.


Google Home  

Google Home is an incredible and beautiful device which can give answers, guidance and directions through voice recognition.  It is a hands free product that is able to play a song,  give a summary of daily tasks, and even flip a coin!  It will be available for $129 with a 6 month trial of YouTube Red.  Google Home will come in six different colors: mango, marine, violet, carbon, snow and copper.


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