Iris Scans In Place Of Fingerprints

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The iris is the actual color part of the eye, responsible for the diameter as well as the size of the pupil.  Just like a fingerprint, an iris is unique and differs in design and structure from person to person.  Modern technology is now replacing fingerprints with iris scans.  Yes, this technology has been around for a while, but recently it has become more advanced, bug free and reliable.  It is constantly being improved, for a more quick and advanced process.  If a person squints or blinks, it is much difficult to take an accurate scan and because of this, the iris scan technology is working towards better scanning cameras to be able to take more developed scans from further distances as well as different angles.


Samsung doubles down on security with iris scanner in Galaxy Note 7

Currently, the iris scanners can either be hand held devices, just like a phone, or be attached to a wall.  The latest report on these cameras show that iris scans can be done up to forty feet away.

Before iris scanning came along there were retinal scans performed, but these were difficult to accomplish and caused patients a lot of discomfort.  Therefore, the former is definitely a step up and is much easier to complete.  Iris scanning is used in Iraq, where American soldiers validate Iraqi civilians that work in the American military zones.  Unlike most smartphones where a fingerprint can be used to unlock it, phones such as Fujitsu and Lumia Nokia already use iris scans to open and unlock the devices.

Even though iris scanning is looked at as a more advanced and convenient form of authenticating individuals, there has been talk about it being risky, because it is easy for hackers to steal identity by using this biometric method.  It is not very difficult to perform an iris scan by printing out a clear picture of a person’s eyes directly from the internet.  This can definitely give rise to a whole new level of identity theft and compromise.

For now, it is predicted that iris scanning will replace fingerprinting in the near future and be widely used in FBI investigations and law enforcement.


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