Too Many Pop-Up Ads May Cause Lower Website Ranking

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Beginning January 2017, Google may cause websites to go down in ranking for pop up ads on mobile devices.  A few years ago, they came out with a way to make websites mobile friendly, so that customers didn’t have to zoom in to view the content.  This definitely made it more convenient for anyone using a mobile device to browse a particular website.

Over time, Google noticed that there are full screen banners, known as interstitial ads that cover the context of pages on mobile devices.  These ads are usually used to promote a specific product, present a discount offer or to ask potential customers for their email addresses.  The problem with this is that, when mobile website users are browsing through the pages, they can’t see the content they are looking for.  This causes inconvenience and often times frustration.

Basic RGBSome examples of these interstitial ads are

*a pop up that appears right after a browser visits a website and begins reading the content

*a pop up that appears right away before the browser even has time to read the content

*a pop up appearing on the front of the content page, with the content blurred out in the back

Google is encouraging website developers to make sure these interstitial ads are more user friendly and not in the way of people trying to find information they are searching for.

There are many different ways that effect website ranking.  If a website contains great content, generates traffic leads on a regular basis and is SEO and Google compliant, the interstitial ads may not effect it as much.  It is still highly recommended for website owners to make sure they take this issue in consideration and provide minimal ad distractions for viewers.

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