We are looking for an independent sales rep that can manage his/her own time and can represent us respectfully.

By independent sales rep –

* You will have your own business
* Be your own boss, manage your own time and work scheduling
* Can work anywhere across the US
* You are not our employee and will not get hourly pay
* You will need to have a laptop and a smartphone
* Start working without quitting your current job
* Have options to up-sell many other services and make more money

Compensation and bonuses –

You will get paid for each sale only (client that signed up to our platform that came through you).

We have bonus options which you can begin to acquire after your first 100 signed up clients.

We are the ‘customer service’ of the clients and all you need to do is simply show them our platform. We will help you with training, selling materials, videos, demos or any kind of support. Once a client is interested in our platform or services, we will take it from there so you will have time to continue selling.

Serious inquiries only. We are looking for someone that wants to run with us, who is a hard worker and willing to grow and take on new challenges.

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