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Have full control of how you are viewed online

Our platform allows you to manage your online presence from one place

  • Update your hours, menu, photos and more in one place

  • Stay consistent with your info across the net

  • Boost your ranking in major search engines

  • Improve your business reputation

  • Be in control of your reviews-respond quickly

  • Drive more offline and online traffic

  • Access to analytics and reports

There are over 100 familiar directories, such as Google Map, Yelp, Yahoo Map, Bing Map, Waze, Yellow Pages and many more.

With our platform, everything is done through one managing account, so you don’t have to worry about manually going through each platform or directory listing.  By being consistent all across the net, you will be building your business brand and stand out.

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Consistency is an extremely important part in SEO and online business branding.  If your business is not listed correctly in certain directory listings, or if part of your information is not accurate- your ranking goes down.  Your business branding is negatively affected.  Your customers don’t have reliable information and as a result you may lose traffic.  Reviews play a huge role in how many people come to your business.  By not having enough reviews, or even a few bad stars- a potential client will most likely go straight to your competitor.

  • 76% of people who use location search, make a purchase or come to the business within one business day.
  • 43% of businesses across the US have at least one incorrect or missing address online.
  • Business data changes constantly for tons of reasons.  Missing/wrong information = LOST SALES!

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  • Starter
    $67 /month
    • Access to ‘Yext’ platform
    • Business Listings Management
    • Enhanced Content
    • Standard Listings Network
    • Free setup
    • Free Consultation
    • Special Offers
  • Platinum
    $145 /month
    • All basic features, plus
    • Duplicate Suppression
    • Review Generation
    • Review Publishing
    • Review Balancing
    • Review Insights
    • Healthcare Listings Network

Will I get results?

YES!  By using the ‘Knowledge Graph’ platform, you will ensure that all of your information is accurate and consistent all across the net.  You will be able to manage your reviews better, update information faster and easier, have access to analytics and much more.  The best part is: everything is done through one managing account, so you don’t have to worry about manually going through each platform or directory listing.  By being consistent all across the net, you will be building your business brand and stand out.

The more consistent you are with your information across the net, the better ranking you will receive from the main search engines, which results in more traffic and more business growth!

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How does your solution work?

With our listings solution, you’ll gain full control of your location data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of apps, maps, search engines, directories, and social networks — including Google — via our direct and custom API integrations. Our technology will match critical location data, like your name, address, and phone number, and more, across our robust network, locking your business listings and protecting them from being overwritten by third-party sources. You’ll be able to update your listings in real-time and suppress SEO-harming duplicate listings. Above all else, you’ll drive customers to the right place — your doorstep — every time. Only our technology provides a permanent business listings solution.

I don’t know any of these sites. Who uses them?

There are a few very important reasons we work with both big and little location services. We work

with the biggest apps, maps, search engines, directories, and social networks out there like Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, and Bing to make sure your business gets maximized visibility. We

work with smaller sites like Citysearch, Superpages, WhitePages, and others to boost this even further, because the more places your location data is correct, the more likely your SEO rank will be higher.

Additionally, you don’t always know where potential customers are searching, so making sure you appear everywhere potential customers are searching gives you the best chance at gaining their business.

What happens if I cancel? Will my data be removed?

No.  You will only lose your access to the platform so you will not be able to update data anymore.

Why can’t I get these listings for free? Aren’t these free listings?

It’s complicated!  Some sites do allow you to manually claim listings for free, but on those that do, it can take weeks or months for manually claimed listings to go live. Our solution is the only one that can give you definitive control, so that you can update and manage your location data across our network of 60+ leading maps, apps, social networks, directories, and search engines including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo — from once place and within just a few days or less.

All of this together — different data sources, selection methods, and refreshment — creates a perpetual cycle of sources competing for control over the location data displayed. All factors considered, your business listings are always at risk of being overwritten. Instead of working around the problem, our listings solution tackles it head-on. Our direct integrations with the sites in our network enable you to lock, update, and manage your location data at the database level, so that you can control your business listings across the web. Unlike other vendors, you won’t be paying for someone to make manual submissions on your behalf. You’re paying us for our technology, which protects your business listings from being overwritten and keeps authority in the right hands — yours.

Why isn’t this just a one-time fix? Why do I need to pay for my listings to be monitored?

Each app, map, search engine, directory, GPS device, and social network gathers data about businesses like yours from different sources, like data aggregators, government records, user-submitted content, and hundreds more. They also have their own individual method of matching, merging, and selecting the location data they display in your business listings. That’s not all! These sites are constantly refreshing this data because they know businesses change — they open, close, move, rebrand, etc. — all the time.

What if I already manage my business listings on Google?

That’s great, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle!  Managing your Google My Business listings won’t ensure that your location data is correct across the web — not even on Google itself.  That’s because local businesses are constantly changing — opening, closing, moving, etc. all the time. All apps, maps, search engines, directories, and social networks know this, and they also know business owners aren’t going to call to let them know.  So what do these sites do?  They all cross-check each other to make sure the location data they have is consistent, and therefore accurate. Google will compare its data against smaller sites, like Superpages and WhitePages, and vice versa. The more consistently the data they have compares to others, the more confident the site will believe it’s correct and accurate, and the more likely it is to show the data to its users. Now you can see that Google takes into account far more than just confirmation of your location data on its properties, because as the world’s most powerful search engine, they’re not going to leave it to just one source to confirm the accuracy of the data they serve their users. Our powerful network of apps, maps, search engines, directories, and social networks will help you control your data across the sites that Google checks against, so that your location data is consistent everywhere.

Will your listings solution impact my ranking? I want to be #1 on these sites!

While we cannot guarantee your ranking, our listings solution provides major SEO-boosting benefits. You know that when you’re looking for a place to shop or eat, you care about a few things: where it is, whether it has what I want, and whether it’s any good. Google and other sites use the same methodology when deciding what they’ll return in search results.  Our solution directly addresses these factors (consistency, authority, and frequency) and having all of these in check will positively affect where you rank on all sites. Not to mention, you’ll have full control of the location that appears in your business listings on these sites, including Google Maps!  Consider this: let’s say you ask 10 people the same question. If you get 10 different answers, you can’t be sure about any of them. However, if you get the same answer 10X, you can be confident the answer is correct. Location services operate the same way. The more frequently and consistently your location data appears across them, the higher your SEO ranking is likely to be.

I already have a website.

Perfect!  With the help from our technology, you can link to your website in each one of your business listings, on all 60+ sites in our network. With SEO-boosting power like this, your website has an even better chance of appearing in the organic searches potential customers make.

Aren’t there cheaper options?

Technically, yes. But those cheaper options won’t provide you definitive control of your location data across the web. What the other guys will do for you is either manually submit your business data, or submit it to data aggregators, or both — and charge you for it, with no guarantee that your data will be ingested and published online. Not to mention, each site across the web utilizes its own unique method and algorithm to match, merge, and select the location data they choose to display in your business listings. And it’s not a one-time selection — sites are constantly refreshing their data sources, meaning your location data is at risk of being overwritten at any time.  We have real technology that enables you to maintain total control of your location data across our robust network of 60+ sites. Hour-by-hour, dollar-for-dollar, our solution provides the best permanent listings solution.

I only have a PO BOX, I don’t have a physical address.

Our partner sites require a physical address to display your business listings and will not accept PO Boxes. As a result, we need a physical address to set you up with our service. If you’re a business that services a local area, you may provide us a noncommercial address, as many partner sites enable us to hide this field. All of this stated, however, an address must still be provided in order to get set up.

How do I know this works?

We’ll give you links to all the listings you’re managing with our service, so you can verify that your location data is correct and live across our network. In addition, we offer analytics, reporting, and review monitoring, so you can track searches, views, and beyond on your profile.