Last Revised: June 1, 2016

TechnoloTrees Corporation is fully committed to protecting your privacy and understands your need to be confident that the personal information you share with us (“personal information includes any information we collect that identifies you, for example; your name, physical and/or mailing address, email, phone number, etc.)  The following privacy policy is put together to let you know what personal information we may collect from you, how and for what purpose we use the information you provide us, and also to make you aware of the choices you have in our use of the personal information.  This policy applies to our valued clients in the United States as well as internationally.


TechnoloTrees Corporation (including all employees, contractors and professional partners) will not access or use any financial or personal information located in our customers’ computers while repairing them without the customers’ full consent and prior knowledge.


To better protect our customers’ privacy, TechnoloTrees Corporation strongly relies on our customers’ guidance and directions in which files are to be backed up or saved.  If one of our employees, contractors or professional partners is asked by the customer to back up a certain file or folder, the specific file or folder will be backed up ONLY.   TechnoloTrees Corporation, including employees, contractors and professional partners promises to never in any way or form to copy any personal information, files or software outside the scope of the repair without our customers’ full consent and prior knowledge.  During the process of the repairs, there may be backups of personal information, files and software performed, and these will all be destroyed before the device or computer is returned back to our customer.


TechnoloTrees Corporation is under legal jurisdiction to report any stolen computers or devices.  We will only operate and repair legally owned computers.  TechnoloTrees Corporation also reserves the right to deny service to customers or to reject any type of computer repair service to customers suspected of illegal ownership of the computer or device.


TechnoloTrees Corporation is under legal jurisdiction to report any pirated or illegal software discovered on our clients’ computers or devices to the appropriate authorities.  This includes any type of illegal copying, use or distribution of software.


If TechnoloTrees Corporation performs any type of change to our privacy policy (partially or wholly), we will notify our customers on our website at  The notice will also contain the specific date of when the revised privacy policy will take effect.  The new, revised privacy policy will apply to all of our customers (current and prior) and will be in place of all other notices in the past.  This privacy policy was updated June 1st, 2016.