The following Terms of Service agreement is an agreement between TechnoloTrees, Inc., (including anytime we say: “us”, “we”, or “our”) and you, (“customer”, “client”, “member”, “you”, “your”, “they”).  By using any of our services, in person, or online, you agree and accept this agreement as well as the Privacy Policy of TechnoloTrees.

TechnoloTrees reserves the right to revoke this Terms of Service agreement at any time for a specific reason, or for no reason at all.  TechnoloTrees also reserves the right to deny service to anyone.


The term “service” applies to any type of work provided and described on our website at  Certain services of TechnoloTrees may be provided by our third party professionals and partners.  The third parties that work with us may reserve the right to change all or some of their products that are part of our “Services.”  If this occurs, you may not revoke your agreement to this Terms of Service agreement, even if it significantly affects the service provided to you.

Contact Information

To provide you with the best service, we need to be able to be in contact you during the course of our business relations.  You agree to provide us with a current email address that you will check regularly and we will be communicating in writing through this email.  You also agree to provide us with a phone number and any phone conversations during the course of our business relations may be recorded for reference.  TechnoloTrees does not carry any responsibility for any type of disruptions, damages or changes to your service based on misdirected and misused communications due to you providing us with a faulty email, phone number or any other form of communication.  You may also assign a contact individual with whom we will discuss and communicate with during the course of our business relation.  If for any reason there is a dispute or situation, TechnoloTrees considers the last business/person/individual/contact who paid for the latest billing statement of the account to be responsible, and we acknowledge them as the owner of the account.  It is always your responsibility and obligation to make sure we have the current ownership information and valid control of the service.

Changes to the Service

TechnoloTrees reserves the right to revoke or terminate any of its services as well as add, delete, or make changes to any of our services, fees and prices for the services.  This may occur at any time for a specific reason and for no reason at all.  TechnoloTrees also reserves the right to decide whether any changes will apply to both new and existing customers.

New Domain Name Registration

One of the services TechnoloTrees provides is activating a new domain name for our customers.  You as the customer agree to be responsible for all of the payments and fees that are part of this service.  This may include monthly or annual fees.  You understand and acknowledge that TechnoloTrees is not a Domain Registrar and will sometimes register new domain names through a Domain Registrar partner chosen by TechnoloTrees, Inc.  You understand and agree that this process requires TechnoloTrees to pass on some customer information to the Domain Registrar partner and some of this information may become public information.  TechnoloTrees is not responsible if a domain name is unavailable, or any type of issue related to third party rights being in the way of the customer’s domain registration.

These terms were updated 08/22/2016.